Hello World, This is Harmadoodle!

I really don’t like writing first posts in blogs. I’m way more excited about the next ones, and the ones after those, which will be about photography in every different way I can think of. Some posts will be based on questions I’ve gotten on Instagram and Facebook and I’m going to try to explain how certain photography related things work as simply as possible and not waste your time. Like I feel like I’m doing with this post. Sorry about that. I’ll make up for it next time!

2 thoughts on “Hello World, This is Harmadoodle!

  1. Els

    Hello Leia,
    As promised I’d would visit your website, and those who knew me well know I never make a promise I can’t keep :-)
    It’s great, I love it!
    You’re pictures get a better exposure here then on IG. The quality laks on IG. Will pop in often! Looking ffwd to see more here. Big hug Els someone.els.e on IG

    1. Leia Post author

      Haha, thank you Els! There’s not much here yet, I know, but I’m working on it. I just have to get some stuff sorted out. One of those things being notifications when I get comments – I’m supposed to get an email when someone comments but for some reason I didn’t 😐 Thank you again for stopping by! 😀


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