Photo fails can be fun too

Every time I go out taking pictures I come back with a whole bunch I can’t use and I may be weird, but I love to play with them. That’s when things like this happen. I present to you, our dog, doing the “You have food and I want it and also give me a hug” dance. She gets very excited about everything.

Gif of our dog dancing.

If you don’t dance you’re no friend of mine!

Don’t be too quick to delete bad photos from your camera. If you don’t desperately need the space, you might find later that there’s a use for them. Even if it’s just to use them as bad examples in a blog post.


Hello World, This is Harmadoodle!

I really don’t like writing first posts in blogs. I’m way more excited about the next ones, and the ones after those, which will be about photography in every different way I can think of. Some posts will be based on questions I’ve gotten on Instagram and Facebook and I’m going to try to explain how certain photography related things work as simply as possible and not waste your time. Like I feel like I’m doing with this post. Sorry about that. I’ll make up for it next time!